Title Curative

String professionals cure defects in chains of title, such as correcting instruments that are erroneous or ambiguous. The process is focused on whether the actual use and possession of the land under review is consistent with recorded title.

Our Title Curative Services

Payoff Processing

String contacts the lender/plaintiff to obtain the required payoff statements and co-ordinates with the borrower to get the authorization for payoff processing, as required.

Subordination Processing

String obtains the subordination requirements from the lender of the existing open mortgage and co-ordinates to obtain the subordination agreement from the subordinating lenders.

Lien Release

String follows up and obtains the lien release certificate/ letters of indemnity from all relevant parties and supports in recording these releases.

Curative Management

String co-ordinates with the various parties to track the records and ensures timely completion of curative requirements.

Document Recovery

String follows up with the various parties to obtain documents and/or the required information to assist in clearing any title issues.

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In 2019, String provided 14,596 deliverables related to Title Curative processes to clients

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Let String forge your direct line to success!

Connect with us

Let String forge your direct line to success!