Title Production

String is well equipped to handle every phase of title agency production. Our experts have a wealth of experience in preparing reports as well as understanding complex tax and property issues that can exist in a title’s history.

Our Title Production Services

Property Report

String prepares the title report based on the title search for current owner / two owner / full title searches on title, open liens, other encumbrances and current taxes.

Title Commitment

String prepares the commitment report using the information in Schedule A (Effective Date, Proposed Buyer/ Lender information, current vesting owner and current deed’s recording information), Schedule B – Section 1 (requirements), Schedule B – Section 2 (exceptions) and Schedule C (legal description).

Tax Certifications

String prepares a detailed tax report on the subject property after gathering information from the assessor/county offices by calling, faxing or mailing.

Title Policies

String reviews title commitments and prepares the final title policies on client’s application / offline template.

Title QC

Title review is an important aspect of mortgage processing that protects the interests of both the borrower and the lender. String pays great attention to this process and reviews the title documentation to ensure that the collateral property is free of any legal claims, liens and lawsuits.

Easement plotting

After interpreting and retracing the complex legal, metes and bounds descriptions, String plots them on the assessor maps or plats.

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Over 1.2 Million

In 2019, String provided 1,275,146 deliverables related to Title Production processes to clients

Connect with us

Let String forge your direct line to success!

Connect with us

Let String forge your direct line to success!